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Steaming Herbal Blends

Qualified and Certified Yoni Steaming practitioner creates these blends to suit women and their bodies for the best support possible. Using only certified organic herbs, your steam session is sure to be an amazing experience! Each herb serves a unique purpose and interacts differently with each other as part of a blend. This is why it's so important to have a practitioner that knows the herbs inside and out as well as you and your body to deliver a recipe that will not cause you any harm or conflicting reactions and gives the most support to you and your body needs. 

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These beautiful herb blends are all infused with Reiki Energy when being prepared for highest vibration steaming.

The Herb Blends have been carefully crafted into 4 Element. 

Earth- Cleansing Blend

Fire- Disinfecting Blend

Water- Cooling Blend

Air- Gentle Blend

Each one are used for different reasons, the steaming times vary from person to person.

Before Purchase

Please head over to Womb/Yoni steaming page on the menu to ensure steaming is safe and right for you! 

Book a consultation Session with me if you require a Mensuration Analysis, Steam Plan and/or are unsure of which blend is right for you through the Bookings/Services Tab.