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Green Satin

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Green Satin

Real. Raw. Authentic.

You have not landed on my page by coincidence, We were brought together by fate, By energy, To connect, To heal, To rise up and step into your true authentic beautiful self. I am not unfamiliar to the complications previously mentioned and I have a calling in my bones to help women through such times and emotions in their lives as I have personally been though many of them. Proudly Standing tall as a survivor and warrior on the other end of suffering.  I am now here to help YOU. To love YOU. To show YOU; Anything is possible. Throughout my life, I have experienced a wide range of challenges; Chronic anxiety, Chronic fatigue, Domestic violence, Eating disorders, Depression, Extreme trauma, IBS, Endometriosis (The 'incurable' disease caused by feeling inadequate and unaccepted, From rejecting the feminine aspect of yourself, Feeling depleted, Unsupported, Ungrounded, Holding on to feelings of rejection; Having your power taken away from you) and severe physical pains as well as my son being diagnosed with Leukemia. These collective experiences gave me resilience, however also left me searching for ways of healing my mind, body and soul from the emotional scars they left behind.

For me, it was Universal source such as Reiki Energy Healing, Sacred Womb healing, Connection, Bodywork, A Balanced Wholefoods diet and Therapeutic grade essential oils that really allowed me to begin my journey to heal, bringing me back to my body, my womb and self discovery. I have now had the pleasure of studying a range of different natural therapies, tools and modalities and am deeply passionate about sharing the life changing benefits that alternative therapies can offer. It is my deepest passion and my purpose to hold a safe space for women, to listen, get to the root causes of why; To help you heal and to live life naturally and painless. To show you there is an alternative way to heal your body, mind and soul and for you to know you don't have to do this alone. It all begins with you choosing to listen to your beautiful body and following your natural instincts of self love and care, knowing you deserve to feel better, you are worthy of clearing your past and present wounds and  allowing yourself to thrive in the present. 

 We all deserve love, nurturing and to be seen and heard, I very much look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey.

Many blessings x

charlotte congerton

About Me

Education & Teachings

❊Certified and Qualified Health Chef
Tafe of Queensland
❊Certified Womb & Fertilitiy Massage Therapist 
Claire Spink 
❊Womb Health & Science 
Womben Wellness  
❊Certified Peristeam Practioner 
Steamy Chic  

❊Certified Usui Reiki Level 1&2

Certified Usui Reiki Master

❊Recipient of the 9th Shamanic Rite of Munay-Ki  *Rite Of The womb

Christine Maudy- Living inspired

❊Recipient of the 9 Shamanic Rites of Munay-Ki 

Shamanic Journeying

❊Certified Levels 1,2 Multidimensional Healing

❊Certified Multidimensional Healing Master

❊Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher 
Jai Brady- JBhealing

❊Lineage of Love Ancestral Healing

Sacred Ancestry

❊Certified Raindrop Therapist

Soraya Saraswati

❊Quantum Experience Advanced Graduate

Dr Espen


The classroom of Life has ultimately been my greatest teacher. I draw my greatest learnings + lessons through my own lived experience, client work & countless hours of self study + research.



Looking at the Flowers


My mission is to be here for those who feel like they are lacking support, have limited options to feeling better and healing internal dis-ease, for those who want to discover themselves in a safe and nurturing and non judgmental environment. To show them they are not alone and don't have to be, there are alternative ways to heal.

To Connect. To Heal. To Empower.

Women Holding Hands


My vision is to connect all magical souls to themselves, to their body, to their spirit.

To activate innate healing, so we may all free ourselves of what no longer serves us, to assist you in letting go of all that is holding you back. To help you discover a new path, a new way, to give birth to life, to feel confident, to feel whole, to feel held, to feel nurtured and most importantly to feel loved and free.

Women Holding Hands
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