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Spirit Womb Healing massage

The Signature Treatment

 The womb, for a women, is her second heart.

Energetically, your emotions are stored in your heart and your womb.

This unique therapy seeks to re-awaken a woman to all aspects of herself and bring a re-connection to her body, particularly her womb space .

A transformative individual feminine ceremony made

and tailored just for you and your temple and what you are needing at this time.

  It is a powerful, deep, yet gentle, non- invasive nourishing blend of modalities to release deep stored emotions, break cycles and restore balance and harmony to the reproductive, digestive and sacral regions.

The womb space, the place of energetic transformation can also hold emotional memories, ancestral imprints and traumas. Resulting in imbalances and womb complications such as infertility, inflammation, endometriosis, Mensuration irregularities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormone imbalances, and IBS


This Divine transformative massage uses a variety of gentle massage techniques together with sound healing, mantras, Vibration, Light Language, acupressure points, powerful energy healing, pulsing, ceremonial wrapping (closing of the bones ceremony) and focused intent to cleanse, heal and restore the body. Each session is unique and just as special as the next. All together they blend beautifully, creating a nourishing love filled flow of feminine energy. Leaving the client feeling whole, centered and most importantly, nurtured.

I take into account the whole person with a holistic approch and help activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

The massage covers the upper & lower abdomen, from the diaphragm to just above the pubic bone and the upper & lower back, neck, shoulders and glutes. I work over the conception vessel (Ren), the Mother Line, the lower chakras, & around the pelvic bowl.

Treatments end with a 'closing of the bones ceremony' wrapping of the head, pelvis & feet with Rebozo scarves. 

In this special offering we will dive deep  with multidimensional energy throughout the session.

The experience has described as “a coming home”, “transformational”, A rebirthing". This feels as though it brings you back into Self, back into Body, Back into Soul, a Restoration of the Soul. The essence of this work is to nurture and nourish, unblock and reveal with deep levels of relaxation.


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Reiki Treatment

Spirit womb healing & Steam

In this beautiful offering we will start with a consultation, set and connect with your intention.

You will then enjoy a warm Yoni steam with carefully selected steaming herbs best suited for you, sitting on a stool over a steaming bowl you will experience a deep surrender of this ancient practice while recieving a guided shamanic meditation and drum journey to connect deeply with your womb and your heart allow for opening, surrender and releasing.

Laying down you will recieve the transformalional benefits of the spirit womb healing offering including traditional Rebozo wrapping, Sound healing, Meditation, Massage and Multidimensional energy healing.

A sacred safe space to release, ground, manifest and connect with you, your womb and spirit.

The herbs used Are Organic, High Vibrational energy Infused and blended using proven formulas by a certifided Peristeam Practioner.

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Ancestral energetics

Ancient Ancestral Healing

Originally channeled, developed and pioneered by Charlotte Congerton.

Energetic Ancestral healing is a modality that focuses on identifying and healing emotional and energetic wounds that have been passed down through your ancestral lineage. It recognizes that our ancestors' experiences, traumas, and patterns can impact our lives today, even if we are not consciously aware of them. Ancestral energetics seeks to break the cycle of these inherited patterns by healing the core wounds, some dating back hundreds of years ago from your ancient ancestors.

As an ancestral healer, I use powerful multi-modality intuitive energy healing while working with your ancestors through your bloodlines to help clear and release unhealed ancestors, emotional and energetic blocks, patterns and cycles that have been passed down known or unknown. By healing at the core wound this results with rewiring of your DNA and experiencing release from a deeper level. 

Image by Kayla Maurais

Multidimensional energy healing

Multi Dimensional Energy healing is a wonderfully powerful healing modality where the practitioner channells energy from multiple different light beings depending on the healing needed for the clients highest good.

Originally channelled, through the Galactic Federation, the Acturians, Andromedans, Mintakans, the Ellasii and the Galactic Masters, this high vibrational modality is used to clear blocks, release stress and anxiety, quantum shift you to your highest timeline and expand your relationship and connection with the universe.

People who receive these treatments regularly give praise for activating their own spiritual awakening, and raising their vibration and literally changing their lives for the better in real time.

emotion release

Sacred release and rise

A Deep but gentle Intuititive guided Massage and Energy healing treatment for both the Masculine and Feminine to recieve with focus on Releasing, clearing deep stored Emotion and Trauma as well as raising your vibration to become a manifestation magnant using Breathwork, Massage trigger points, Relaxation techniques, Channeled Multidimensional Energy healing, Light language and DNA activation codes

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Wow, wow, wow! This experience was literally on another Level for me. Charlotte has a true gift. We have had a beautiful friendship for years but working with her, just took our connection to another level. I got off the massage table a different person, no BS! I felt at peace be a deep sense of Freedom. I’ve been carrying the weight of 11 generations past, a blessing I find myself incarnating in this life time as a Body Builder, because i was beating a heavy, emotional load! Some deep, deep, deep shit has been purged from me and I am so grateful Charlotte, thank you! I cannot recommend this remarkable Woman enough. Gift yourself with the permission to be truly free through Charlotte’s talent

Claire Woolridge

I went to see Charlotte for some multidimensional energy healing and I was absolutely blown away. I’ve had reiki done multiple times and thought that was great.. well this was a whole new level. The things that Charlotte can do is amazing and I left there feeling like a whole new person. I highly recommend going to see her as you will not be disappointed and I know you’ll have a life changing experience like I did

Rose Horder

Green Board

Charlotte is a wonderful therapist who shines with empathy. She’s passionate about helping people to understand and reconnect with their bodies and she generates a lovely sense of calm and relaxation when you’re in her presence. Charlotte comes from a place of total non-judgement and tailors each of her sessions beautifully to her client’s needs. I’ve now experienced Reiki treatments and a womb massage with her and they were each amazingly detailed. I recommend Charlotte whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for an energy treatment or massage with a difference. You won’t be disappointed!

Amanda Young

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