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Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Charlotte Congerton

So lovely to see you here! Welcome to Earthly Womb Co, A Safe Sanctuary for Deep Healing, Self Exploration and Connection.

I'm Charlotte, Founder and Creator of Earthly Womb Co,

Wild Womb Warrior, Medicine Women, Barefoot traveler and Self Love Enthusiast.

I am an International Ancestral & Sacred Womb healer, Reiki Master Level 4 Practitioner, Master level Multidimensional Energy Healer, Certified Sacred Womb and Fertility Massage Therapist, Qualified Wholefood Chef, Certified Peri steam practitioner, and very proud mum. I have long had a passion for natural therapies and have studied various tools and modalities in alternative and holistic practices.

The foundation of my practice combines the physical with inner emotional and spiritual journey. I combine and share a range of holistic practices in order to assist women on their unique personal journey, to overcome challenges, to heal, or just to simply reset and relax. I am extremely passionate about Women's health and Wellbeing {Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual}

My specialties are a combination of advanced energy healing with Womb/Abdominal/Fertility massage, Ancient techniques and teachings, Self-love/worth focused, sound healing, trauma release techniques and therapeutic grade essential oils.

I provide efficient care that is tailored to each individual, while also including authentic emotional support. My unique therapies can assist in healing many imbalances or complications whether that's physical womb difficulties/disease/disconnection, menstruation irregularities/pain, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, or spiritual chakra/energy imbalances, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, ancestral wounds/patterns, infertility and more.

I focus on the underlying causes of each issue.

I aim to create an experience that will not only make you feel extreme relaxation, love and nurturing but to also help with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual improvement.

I pride myself on being able to create space for my clients to feel held, open their hearts to love and to feel supported while being brought back to optimal health and happiness. 

I very much look forward to holding space and connecting with you! 

Charlotte Congerton

Green Board

Omg amazing …. This was absolutely life changing!!!

I have been holding on to so much in my body and Charlotte was able to help me release so much! I just think she is absolutely gifted and more people need to go see here cause as woman we all need this!

I have done already 2 womb massages with her and already booked my 3rd one as I’m all in wanting to release all blockages. Thank you Charlotte!!!

Francesca Moi


Ready to experience the difference?

Ready to embark on an extremely nurturing, loving, deep, powerful but gentle and caring alternative massage like no other? A massage that treats your mind, body, spirit and soul. Coming into a beautiful welcoming space, speaking freely what's on your mind and in your heart without feeling any judgement, receiving helpful gentle feedback, conversation and tools to personally assist you and  your needs, feeling gentle warm touch in a dim candle lit room but also with enough pressure to work out any physical stored blockages. Each women is different, so each session is different. You will receive exactly what you need. I ask you trust your gut instincts and hold no expectations, just allow the process to unfold. 

My unique treatments and techniques can assist in healing many complications and conditions such as

  • Womb healing, Womb and heart connection, Womb complications, Womb Connection.

  • Ancestral healing, Surpressed Anger, Self-connection, Self-love, Self- worth, Releasing Fears and low vibrational Emotions.

  • Physical and Energetic blockages, Physical and Emotional Pains, Stress, Depression, Aniexty, Creativity blocks.

  • Hormonal imbalances, Painful or irregular menses , PMS, Dark, thick blood and clots in menses.

  • Amenorrhea (no menstruation at all), Headaches or dizziness with menses.

  •  Endometriosis/Endometritis, Uterine polyps and fibroids, Ovarian cysts, Prolapsed uterus or bladder, Painful or irregular ovulation,

  • Painful intercourse, Infertility/ difficulty conceiving.

  • Reduced ligament elasticity after childbirth, Facilitates healing of scar tissue from termination, Cesarean, or hysterectomy, Difficult menopause.

  • Emotional support and healing from miscarriages.

  • IBS, Bloating,  PCOS, Polycystic ovaries, Depression, Anxiety.

  • Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Lacking of Energy, Chakra healing.

  • Detoxification, Letting go, and much more.

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Green Board

I recently had a womb healing massage with Earthy Womb Co and it was divine.

Charlotte makes you feel safe and secure from the moment you arrive. She has a way of making you feel seen and heard by taking the time to get curious and ask questions to identify your unique situation, problem areas and history.

She is a world of passionate knowledge and you can tell she truly loves providing her service for women.

My experience with the womb healing was magical to say the least. She created a safe and sacred space to be vulnerable and nurtured. She helped me to release old stories, narratives, belief systems, emotions and most importantly RELAX. I felt rejuvenated and reconnected after our session.

I would highly recommend this experience it is a right of passage for a woman, it will help you to reconnect to yourself and create a healthy, loving relationship with your womb space 

Jenny Prouse


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Earthly Womb Co

Sunshine coast, QLD 


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